Focusing on the process

Welcome to the 2nd Knowledge Fair that is organized by Lomas Hill. While you are watching around our Middle School students' projects, please make sure to stop and focus on the process.

Nowadays, people expect a perfect product and focus only on getting towards it. However, we do not take time to enjoy, admire and learn from the process of such product. With this I am not saying that the product is not important, or that it does not matter how the outcome will be. But we do need to stop and understand how the process is making us feel and why we feel that way.

What it takes to hold the guitar correctly, learn the notes, play such notes, mix each sound, and put it all together with other fellow students. Even though this seems easy, it is surely not.
Focusing on the process when observing a project that involves English, Geography, History, Learning to Learn, and not only on the final piece, is what makes Lomas Hill stand out from other schools. 

María José Plascencia Saavedra
Academic Principal / IB Coordinator
Campus Cuajimalpa


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