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This summer camp not only helped me with English but also with responsibility.

I went to a summer camp during vacation. It took place in Bath, England. We stayed at a school called Prior ParkCollege where we also slept. I went with four other students from Lomas Hill and we had so much fun. The camp was basically about learning and practicing English, but occasionally we took a bus ride to other cities such as London and Oxford and we also went to historic centers. I learned many new words and definitions and I also learned how to pronounce some words in British English. I definitely feel that my English improved a lot. I not only learned, but I also had fun and made friends from other parts of the world such as Israel, Morocco, Spain, Turkey and many more. My teachers taught us very well and also made it very fun even though it was three hours of class. All these years at Lomas Hill have helped me apply to this summer camp. I think this summer camp not only helped me with English but also with responsibility. Although my parents wer

Festejo de las Naciones Unidas - Lomas Hill 2019

Mensaje de la Dirección con motivo del Festejo de las Naciones Unidades Hoy quiero iniciar con dos conceptos que han hecho ruido en mis pensamientos, uno en las últimas dos semanas y el segundo en los últimos dos días... El primero, la paz: lo que verdaderamente importa para poder construir la paz es que eduquemos a nuestros hijos en la tolerancia, el respeto, la solidaridad y la no-violencia. Los niños quieren la paz, pero debemos ayudarles. Todas esas palabras bonitas son valores fundamentales que debemos enseñar en casa todos los días, en las situaciones más cotidianas. La paz es algo muy grande que se construye con cosas pequeñas. ¿Cómo enseñarle a los niños no-violencia si a la primera los adultos les pegamos un grito? ¿Cómo enseñarle a los niños a respetar a los demás si nosotros como adultos no respetamos sus necesidades? ¿Cómo enseñarles a los niños a comprender a los demás si como adultos no somos capaces de ponernos en su lugar? ¿Cómo fomentar un mundo mejor si no promovem

My London trip experience

By Ambar Prince This trip on summer camp vacation to London was amazing, it was an unforgettable experience. It has obviously been the best trip I have had for now; since I was little I had always wanted to go somewhere in Europe especially to London because it is a country of kings and queens and I really fulfilled my dream. When you go to such a structured country, you realize the different types of traditions and cultures around the world. Arriving and seeing that the steering wheel is on the right side was surprising. The place where we stayed in Bath was very big and beautiful. I enjoyed how they organized the schedules for the activities we were going to do.  When we arrived, we were assigned some rooms, the first room they gave me was very hot so Ingrid and I had to change to another one that was already much better. I learned a lot, I made new friends, met people from different nationalities, improved my English, met new places and learned to play cricket. I also