My London trip experience

By Ambar Prince

This trip on summer camp vacation to London was amazing, it was an unforgettable experience. It has obviously been the best trip I have had for now; since I was little I had always wanted to go somewhere in Europe especially to London because it is a country of kings and queens and I really fulfilled my dream.

When you go to such a structured country, you realize the different types of traditions and cultures around the world. Arriving and seeing that the steering wheel is on the right side was surprising. The place where we stayed in Bath was very big and beautiful. I enjoyed how they organized the schedules for the activities we were going to do. 

When we arrived, we were assigned some rooms, the first room they gave me was very hot so Ingrid and I had to change to another one that was already much better. I learned a lot, I made new friends, met people from different nationalities, improved my English, met new places and learned to play cricket. I also had the opportunity to travel, the trips I liked the most were to Buckingham Palace, Oxford, Manchester United’s game against Milan, the London Eye and Roman Bath.

The only thing I disagreed with was that the group leaders did not require us to speak English at all times, I think it must be enforced.

In conclusion, I really loved this trip! I thank my parents and the school for all the effort they made, it was an amazing experience!

Ambar had the opportunity of traveling in July 2019 during the summer vacation between 5th & 6th Grades.


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