3R´s For Taking Care of Our Planet

Since a very long time ago, schools have been teaching about planets, and about ours in particular. And throughout the years, the things to discover and know about it have become more, and more complex each day. Today, it is not only about learning it's physical characteristics, but also learning about the impact that human beings have on it. Today it is necessary, both for families and schools, to talk about how to take care of the planet. And a lot of our children are now familiar with the classic 3 R´s to do so:

Reduce - the amount of garbage.
Reuse - as much objects as possible to give them a new use.
Recycle - materials to give them a new life.

But I personally would like to propose 3 different R´s, which I consider to be as important and to actually be the engine of the ones we already know: Respect - Reflect - React.

The first thing we need to understand is that nature is not an unrelated element to man, but on the contrary, that there is a very strong relationship and interaction between us for which we are responsible. We must teach our children to respect nature, as well as the rules and laws that protect it.

Let's teach our children to be reflective, to be able to acknowledge all the benefits nature gives us, as well as the impact we cause on it. Let´s lead them to ask themselves how is it that our actions have consequences on our planet, and what can they do as individuals, as a family or as part of a community to make it a positive impact. And for them to discover in such process what options are likely to happen and which ones are maybe not so likely; which ones are they able to carry out at their age, and with the tools available to them.

And most importantly, to react! Because, what good would it make to be conscious about reality, if we do nothing about it? Let´s encourage and motivate their actions. May all families and schools let them make proposals and see them through, even if it sounds complicated, even if they are time-consuming; because in the end, the result can be much more important and trascendental than any other of our daily activities: conscious human beings, willing to take action to improve quality of life in our planet!

Jimena Septién Godard​ 
​English Academic Coordinator​


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