We are currently in a world crisis. Who doesn´t want to change the world right now? We are in a plastic crisis in which the oceans are being constantly polluted. In which we have people in power who don´t deserve to be in power. In which women are being abused of and being punished for finally speaking out. In which families are being separated because of immigration policies? We stand and we look at the news and we feel angry, paralyzed and then we move about our day. We think “someone should do something about that.” But what we fail to realize is that WE are that somebody. WE are the ones who need to do something about it. If we don´t do it then who will? It is on our hands. But, to be able to bring about change, we first have to begin with ourselves.

To make peace happen on a grander scale we first have to find peace in ourselves. That is the most difficult but most important task. I spent most of my life trying to find inner peace. Because I wasn´t happy with myself I wasn´t happy with the world. Inevitably, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. I looked everywhere for my peace of mind, I looked in all the corners of life that I would find. I looked for it around the world, I looked for it in clothes, I looked for it in people, I looked for it in achievements. Even if I achieved something, I only got tiny scraps of peace, I never really got the fulfillment I was aching for.  And I never found it until I found meditation. Meditation was the most powerful means of finding peace because it taught me to search in the one place that I had forgotten to look, the most important place of all.  It taught me to look for peace within myself. It taught me to look inside for happiness. Once I found inner peace and happiness everything started to change.

Once my inner being started to become aligned and I found the richest source of love, creativity, empathy and peace then the whole world started to change as well. The reason why this happened was because how we feel inside reflects how we live our life. If we feel broken, angry and sad then we will see the world as broken, angry and sad. But if we choose to see and experience ourselves as loving, rich, abundant and peaceful than the world will be loving, rich, abundant and peaceful. Once we have found peace within our own being and have healed all our emotional scars that used to hold us back, now these emotional scars become warrior wounds that are going to help us change the world. It is from this place that we can really begin to take action.

Once we are here, our actions become imbedded with this state of peacefulness and happiness. We no longer feel the need harm others or to simply not care. Once we are here, we care about ourselves and about others. Every action becomes imbedded with love and care about the wellbeing of others, about the wellbeing of the planet and about the wellbeing of everything.

Our attitude begins to change. And we start to develop empathy. Not sympathy, but empathy, when we can really feel what its like to be in the other person´s skin. When we understand we no longer feel the need to judge and we form a deep connection with all people. And peace arises.

It is not JUST about educating people, its about changing ourselves first. We may understand the crisis that the world is going through, but we need to really CARE about and then PERFORM ACTION. If everybody heals themselves then we begin to care, we begin to take charge and try to make ourselves, our environment and the world a better place.

Once we heal ourselves then we start to heal everything. Once we are at peace with who we are, then we are also at peace with the world.

That doesn´t mean that the world is perfect and that we wont fight to change it, but we are one step closer. The reason why the world is hurting right now, the reason why the world is in crisis right now is because people are hurting. Some people are not happy with themselves so they try to find happiness in places where happiness can not be found. And then every action they do is imbedded with need instead of fulfilment. And this is where the problems begins. Each person begins to look for their own wellbeing instead of the wellbeing of the world as a whole. This is what leads to wars, pollution and crisis. If we are able to fix the problem by the root then everything will be fixed.

A  gardener doesn´t water each individual fruit or leaf in the tree. It waters the root and because of this the tree blossoms beautifully. And as my lovely George Harrison said “For the forest to be green, each tree must be green”.

 If everyone is at peace with themselves then there will be peace. The more people become happier with themselves the happier the world gets. And when one person reaches this level of peacefulness and happiness they start to inspire others and awaken them to do their own looking within them to find their own peacefulness. If a person is happy and fulfilled they wont feel the need to judge others, to separate their families, to pollute the world. They instead make every action a right action. If each person finds their own inner happiness, then the outer happiness will fall into place and we will become one force of love. If we unite in this way, there is no stopping us. We will become peace and happiness and the world will be exactly that.

Isabel Keoseyan
7th Grade English Teacher
Colegio Lomas Hill
Imagen cortesía de Pixabay


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