Middle School Oratory Contest

The benefits of public speaking are many and maybe we don’t give such skill an important weight. However, it does have it. A person that develops such ability, is able to:
  • Be conscious of personal potential
  • Have more confidence
  • Assume leadership in a group
  • Become more definite
  • Lose fear of affronting different challenges
  • Learn performance skills
  • Have the pleasure of sharing, motivating or inspiring people
  • Impulse listening, reading and writing skills
  • Become more conscious or responsible of the effect you have in others.

I must say how proud I feel of Lomas Hill for impulsing contests in which such abilities are pushed forward. But most of all, how delighted I am for having this six young learners up front, showing what they are capable of and giving each and everyone of us an important message about a topic of their own interest. Today, teenagers have a lot to say, and giving them a space to do so is the responsibility of educators.

María José Plascencia Saavedra Academic Principal / IB Coordinator


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