A world like I imagine it!

There was a time when people used to chase animals as their pray for food. There was also a time when the brightest minds in the world believed that the Earth was flat. Not that long ago, a brilliant man came up with a speech to fight against racism, and that is my topic today.

I assume you already know who I’m talking about, Martin Luther King Jr, a hero for discrimination. A world like I imagine it would be to not separate black from white, poor from rich or skinny from fat. Because the consecuences of this term, racism, are the ones that determine whether we are a good person or not. People should not be teaching their children to follow by this word, they are being taught that superior races are real, that some poeople are better than others. Racism has changed the idea of the world like I imagine it. If you think everything out there is fine, well it’s not, so open your eyes. We are locked inside this box that stops us from doing something. But what we don’t know is that we have the key to the lock and we don’t want to open it. We are too scared to fight against racism because it is outside the box.

The world is in danger and we have to stand up and fight for it. As an example, we can use that John Lennon song, “Imagine” that song was my inspiration for writing this speech. If you take it into consideration, that song says a lot about how we are doing today, about how many people are discriminated. We have to learn to listen to inspirational people that give us the will to keep going, like Michael Jackson with the song of “Heal the world” or “We are the world” even Charles Chaplin with his “Great dictator speech” these people, as Martin Luther King Jr, wanted a better world, and they transmitted that to us through their passions.

Let’s change the way these “superior” people think, let’s stop them from saying that they are better than others. Some say, “I am better than you because you are different” but just forget for a second the colors, the flags, the age, the gender, the religion, the countries, the names, the labels, the disabilities, the size, the money the history, the sexual preferences, the government, and just smile. Because everyone smiles in the same language. In this school, we are being taught to include people from all around the world, as an example we have the UN celebration. But still people from outside the school still believe racism is right. Lomas Hill is all about not judging.

That way of thinking is irrelevant in 2018, we are too evolved to be having these kind of problems still. So why do we not fight like Martin Luther King Jr? Let’s be brave and do it for the people we care for. For the future generations, so they don’t have to even use the word racism anymore. We are too strong but also too afraid. Don’t be rude to somoene because you think he or she is different, we are all the same. The same means, we can all have our minds opened to whatever we want to think is right or wrong, but clearly, racism is wrong.

The same means being able to be here listening to me today, telling you that racism is like trying to teach a fish to climb trees, racism is something that should not exist.
Remember, that we all smile in the same language.

María José Gómez
9th Grade Student
Colegio Lomas Hill


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