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Don't you love Disney movies? Have you been to Disneyland? A lot of us has right? This is because it is one of the most famous and successful industries ever!

What is Disney?

I think we all know that Disney is a movie industry that specializes in kids entertainment but, did you know that the first Disney movie that went out was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”? You will learn more about your favorite movies, its history, and some other fun facts that you may not know.

Who is Walt Disney?

Walter Disney was a very creative and funny person, he was born in 1901, for the ones that don't know, he was the creator (as his last name says) of the awesome company! Since he was born, he really liked creating characters and playing with his toys all around the house. 

When he grew up, he started to work in a famous company when he decided to start a personal project, his logo was going to be a rabbit, yes, a rabbit. His boss found out and stole the idea; of curse Walt didn't like it so he quit to start his own business with a new logo character, a mouse, as we know it today, Mickey Mouse. A lot of people started liking his work and inventions so they joined him, until it became a big company. Unfortunately, Walter died in 1966, because of cancer in his lungs. A lot of people has speculations that say Walt is still alive but he is in a frozen tank hidden in the Disney castle. Those, are just fake rumors!


Like I said before, Disneyland is a wonderful place where you can go to and live what your favorite Disney characters did in the movies; it is full of roller coasters, simulators, restaurants, it makes you feel like if you had gone inside the movie!!! The first Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, it was founded in July 17, 1955, but it was extended all over the world. It was the first attractions park ever made and the most successful!


Disney is one of the most big, successful and old companies ever existed. It has more than 60 classic movies and 82 series, in my personal opinion, I love what Disney has accomplished and I am very proud of all the people that have made these possible. I am talking to you, you are an intelligent person that has a big imagination, you can create and take the best of you to the limit, don't be afraid of being different and making a change, just believe in yourself; One of my favorite quotes is: “If you can dream it, you can do it”, written by Walter Disney. 

Fernanda Juárez Sánchez
7th Grade Student
Image by Pixabay


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