The sad bubble

There was once a little inflatable orange pool full of happy bubbles, but there was one sad bubble who never got popped. Only happy bubbles popped but sad ones did not pop. One day the bubbles tried to do everything they could to make the little bubble happy, they went down the tallest slide, they bounced on the bounciest trampoline, they told their best jokes, but each time they tried they were so happy doing it they always got popped. So they could never do anything to help him.

Poor sad bubble, always crying and thinking “when will I be happy and pop?” “I want to feel “popness””. And one day, a kid who was very sad too accidentally sat on the little bubble. So the bubble wobbled around and landed next to the boy. He said “what is wrong, with you?”. The boy answered “I am sad, because I never got to pop a bubble”. Then the bubble said “well I am sad because I never get to pop!”. “Well maybe we can be happy, but only if we work together. Trying to use each other to solve our problem” said the little bubble. “You try to pop ME! So you are able to pop a bubble and when you pop me, I will be happy!” And then they thought “how should we do this?” Then they bumped into each other: the bubble popped and the boy had popped a bubble! They were both happy! Then the bubble appeared again and he popped again. The bubble went “woohoo!” as he did it again and again. The little bubble screamed “I am happy!”. The boy was laughing, he was so happy too: he had popped a bubble many times. They were friends forever.

The End

Mila Cuevas
2nd Grade


  1. "Mila you are amazing, I love you very much!, Your story was incredible!" Your forever friend: Sofi Sepulveda

    1. Sofi we miss you so much!! Thank you for the kind words - M


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